Friday, May 8

Filmharmonic 2009 Click for more info

A last minute dash for tickets got us some pretty good seats at tonight's performance at the Royal Albert Hall. I hadn't been there since graduation and that poignancy alone had me excited. I didn't need that extra impetus though since the music, a selection of film and TV theme tunes from the past thirty years, was utterly brilliant.

All were instantly recognisable. We had Mission Impossible, Ghostbusters (yay!), Star Wars, Superman, Jurassic Park and even Dynasty and Dallas to name a few, and I was humming and tapping my feet to all of them.

I was a bit confused at how different some of the pieces sounded though - some bits were very different - but then I realised that this was probably the point; classic music reinterpreted by the RPO.

The two hours pretty much flew by,and I had a grin on my face throughout as I was taken back to when I first heard them all. Great stuff.

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  1. Fatimah17:03

    yep...stick to my advice and you'll see some good stuff. you should have come to indian music thing at the royal festival hall..was brilliant