Friday, May 8

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After missing it loads I managed to catch May's Rebel Muzik - it seems to becoming more and more popular each time I visit and I hope the intimacy isn't spoiled by that. Tonight's session was brilliant as usual if a bit late-running due to breaking for Maghirb. The open mic, although brave, wasn't as good as it usually is but the rest of the show more than made up for that.

Support was in the form of Reveal, Masikah and DPZ the latter of whom I thought was awesome - it was just a shame he came on so late (not that he looked like he wanted to stop any time soon).

Headlining was Lowkey who was launching his Tears to Laughter single - it's currently on iTunes where all of the profits made from a sale there will go to the DEC appeal. He quite plainly ripped it up tonight and even though I've seen him plenty of times before I'd say today was on another level.

The only complaint I had for today was the late running - as well as starting late it was packed to the brim and we ended up leaving at ten to midnight. The thin crowd at the end was a bit upsetting but DPZ managed to power through anyway.

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  1. they always run late and around 11:15 half the crowd ups and leaves because of last tubes/trains/curfews etc...

    I haven't been in ages