Monday, May 18

Film: Angels & Demons Click for more info

It seems that the only way I can enjoy a film adapted from something of Dan Brown's is to ignore the book in the first place. Unlike I did with The Da Vinci Code, I thought Angels & Demons was pretty darned good.

The main asset in such a film is the mystery of it all, or rather how it unravels as the film progresses. A&D was well paced; in fact I'd say that its pace was its best quality - it gave you just enough to make your own guesses but equally enough to make you doubt them again. Genius!

Everything else was standard fare: Tom et al played their respective roles well, Rome looked good and the whole thing was well produced. Well, except for the bits where they had to compensate for The Vatican's lack of cooperation; the CGI in these scenes were a bit shoddy but I guess they had to be done that way.

Overall it was a well balanced and enjoyable enough film to catch. Recommended.

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  1. >> how it unravels as the film progresses


    amazing how time only seems to go forward!