Sunday, May 17

Film: Coraline Click for more info

Grim fairytale about a young girl who just doesn't realise how lucky she is (cough). And as usual it takes a monster of sorts to get her to figure this out; in execution though Coraline just about does enough to be something fresh rather than predictable.

There's no doubt that Coraline has been well put together, with love and attention pouring out of the film at its seams. The 3D is superfluous and in many ways a distraction to the art style of the film, but apart from that Coraline gets full marks for production. Interestingly the voice-acting is noticeably passable rather than excellent, something which also seemed to detract.

The biggest issue I had was with the inaccessibility of the film. As well as being disturbing (in more ways than one), it seemed to be pretty hard work appreciating what it was trying to do - a thinking man's cartoon then? It also took a bit of time getting started, and I found myself losing patience as it laboured on its opening point.

But overall Coraline was a good enough experience to sit through, and worth a watch if you know you have the patience for such things.

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