Monday, May 4

Film: X-Men Origins: Wolverine Click for more info

In my opinion going back to where it started was a genius move by the people behind X-Men. The regular series wasn't going anywhere (and became a target for those looking for authenticity) and had lost its ability to be fresh.

Wolverine is essentially more of the same live action comic book stuff, but don't let the title fool you too much; although it is mainly about Wolverine it does go out of its way to explain a lot of the history behind the X-Men (well that in the universe of film anyway) in general.

So yes; we have other superheroes, we have fights and boss fights, and we have tragedy. The ending is as expected, largely since you should have seen it already anyway, the acting is alright, while the rest of the production does well. Of course it comes with plot holes galore (and I'm sure comic book fans would have noted more than I did) so leave your reason at home.

No surprises here, but a solid and enjoyable romp nevertheless. Recommended.

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  1. Crap story but Hugh Jackman's body ... FIT FIT FIT