Friday, May 23

Shak And The City

No, no and a thousand times no! I will NOT go watch Sex And The City with you! So far three ladies (steady, that count includes an aunt) have now asked me if I'll be going to watch SATC and whether they can tag along if so. I dunno. Am I really that girly[1] or something?

I mean hey, I'll admit it. I may have once for a microsecond considered watching the film, but only to be in the company of the awesome Kristen Davis for a couple of hours. Having not seen the series (in fact I despised it and all that it stood for and was amazed at how women could not see it for the misogynistic pap that it was) the film would probably have been wasted on me anyway, but the continued insinuation by those asking me to take them to the blummin' film has kinda made it a point for me not to go.

And of course this weekend is all about Henry Jones Junior anyway. It'd be like tainting his name if I partook in the oestrogen orgy that is SATC.

So just in case you missed it, no. And just in case you're wondering, I don't want to know how "absolutely brilliant" it was either.

[1] I've chosen that adjective carefully. Anyone who mentions the letters GBF gets a life ban. And a slap.