Monday, May 12

90210 Spinoff Confirmed! Click for more info

You know, there was a time when I didn't watch television. Well, not as obsessively as I do now, anyway. There were two shows that changed all that, and introduced me to the whole world of serials and their weekly doses. Star Trek: The Next Generation was one of them, while the other was Beverly Hills 90210.

For many, 90210 was the original US Teen Drama, the one that all others were based on. It had the typical boy-girl set up, the same predictable storylines and drama and tons of mushy feel good factor. The cast was both hot and cool at the same time, and all fans played the whole "which 90210 character are you?" game.

Which kinda explains why I'm so excited at the prospect of a spinoff, rumoured for months but finally confirmed today. It won't be the same (and even if it was that wouldn't necessarily be a good thing - it really hasn't aged well), but in terms of poignancy it'll deliver in spades.

Oh and the fact that they've brought back the best thing about 90210, namely Jennie Garth's Kelly Taylor, makes it all the more unmissable. Frankly, I can't wait... I wonder if I can get hold of the original series anywhere?