Saturday, May 17

A Joke

Q: What happens when you spend the day obsessing over a pretty girl while deep in deliberations over picking the parts for your new PC?

A: You spend the night dreaming about said pretty girl managing to overclock her Q6600 G0 to 4GHz. On air.

Nope. I'm no sad geek. Nuh uh.

Anyway for those of you interested in the new build, watch this space. On the other hand for those of you interested in the pretty girl, well, I find not holding one's breath a proven idea.

1 comment:

  1. Firstly, New format not so hot.

    Secondly Maaannnnnnn!!!!

    Not you too, just building a PC for my bud and the thing I hate is, my PC is no longer going to be king of the hill. Though why on earth didn't you go for 45nano Yorkfield 9300 overclocks to 3.0 with stock cooling!