Sunday, May 25

Film: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Click for more info

You know, when it comes to modern updates of eighties' classics, I'm not that poignant really. I thought the later three Star Wars were pretty cool and I liked the Rocky and Rambo reprisals. I don't hate a film just 'cos it's crapping all over my childhood.

So it's with full objective confidence that I say that Crystal Skull wasn't very good. It was almost as if someone saw the first three installments, thought it was easy to reproduce and then failed supremely. That it was written by Lucas and directed by Spielberg makes it even more disappointing.

There's just no fun factor here, no bravado and no magical moments. I refuse to believe that Harrison Ford was too old for the role; that his severe lack of Indy charm was due to something else. The rest of the cast were equally soulless, although Cate Blanchett was okay I suppose.

But it was the story that let the whole thing down the most I think. I can't really go into it without major spoilerage, but my jaw was hanging open in disbelief at some of the plot developments. I guess in today's world Indiana can't cover the ground it used to (and you might understand what I mean by that if you ever go watch).