Tuesday, May 20

It's Like Riding A Bike

It's no big secret that I can't ride a bike. Well when I say I can't that's not entirely true, it's just that whenever I get on one I always end up hitting a tree. Even if I'm in a field there always seems to be a blummin' tree in my path and for some reason I can never quite manage to steer around it - it's like the bike becomes programmed to head to a Oak on autopilot or something.

This is all much to the dismay of the person who had lent me their two wheeled pride and joy; but then I don't feel guilty partly since I always inform them of what's going to inevitably occur but mainly because they were the ones saying how easy it all is. As I always explain to them, I guess I'm just more of a motor vehicle kinda guy.

Anyway, committing to an upcoming sponsored bike ride has prompted me to get back on the saddle and get to a level of reasonable competency. So, borrowing a friend's bike (with his son's helmet; Star Wars if you really need to know) I hit a nearby park for half an hour or so this morning to see how much damage I could inflict on the trees there.

And it all went quite well considering. Okay, I did hit some park railings at one point. And almost ran over a jogger. And perhaps glanced off a gardener's van. But they were all nothing major - in fact since most of the altercations happened in the same place I blame the track more than my (admittedly beginner's) skill. Once I avoided all the deceptive pits and dips I was lapping the park like a pro. I even changed gears a couple of times and everything. Woot.

In terms of fitness and effort, I still don't quite think I've underestimated this bike ride like some have been accusing me of, but I'm glad I've started practicing already. I did have the wobbles at times, and I do seem to have trouble keeping the steering straight while doing, well, anything else.

But here I am, legs feeling like jelly and my bum slightly sore. It was all worth it though, since there is something free, liberating and exhilarating about riding a bike - I'm glad that I've been forced to finally get on one!