Saturday, May 3

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Iron Man does pretty well for a comic book adaptation. It's fun, straightforward and doesn't try anything too clever in order to add something new to an already exciting franchise. On top of that we're treated with both good acting (Robert Downey Jr playing a fantastically arrogant yet charming Stark) and awesome effects. The film really delivers the goods, although seeing how easy that is to do it's about time that something did.

So is there anything wrong with Iron Man? Well not really, although I can say that it's a bit forgettable - even as I type I'm struggling to recall my best moments in the film.

Still for popcorn fun it's ace and totally recommended for both comic book junkies and not alike.

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  1. How disappointed was I. There were many problems with Iron Man. Firstly, being a comic book adaptation it is not very child-friendly, too rude! Secondly, the film was a contradiction, in trying to be ethical Iron Man was doing exactly what it wanted to prevent. Thirdly, it was so sicklingly-cheesy, Ameriacans = Heroes, Afganis (anything 'ethnic'/Muslim) = Villian, I thought movies had moved on from that, how 90s can you get. Fourthly, the role of the black guy and the role of the woman, how typically and traditionally Hollywood, again, I thought movies had moved away from that too. And lastly, the film was too simplistic, there was not much depth to the content, I was hoping it'd be on par with Spiderman, it. did. not. even. come. close.

    If I had to rate it I would give it 3/10.

    (The only bit of the movie I enjoyed was actually the fight scene)