Tuesday, May 6

Film: Tashan Click for more info

There has been a spat of silly-yet-charming bolly movies released recently. They all share a distinct lack of quality and seriousness, but somehow manage to capture fun and spirit in spades. Tashan is the latest from such a genre and is not to be taken as seriously as the trailers and posters suggest.

So we have some awful special effects, some cringe-worthy jokes and a poor plot. On the other hand the acting was good if only because none of the cast took themselves seriously (and as a side note check out the impossibly thin Kareena Kapoor), there were plenty of laugh out loud moments and you are kinda engaged till the end.

The question is whether or not its worth sitting through for three hours. The film does feel long and I have to admit that I nodded off a few times during the show so indications point toward "no". However as something that is played in the background while chilling with friends at home, it's pretty perfect, and I'd recommend it possibly only for that situation.