Tuesday, May 6

Game: Ghost Squad Click for more info

Until now I hadn't played any fun and non-shallow shooting game on the Wii. Sure there was something on Wii Play and I had also checked out Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, but both were lacking in either depth or fun-factor.

Being the spiritual successor to Sega's Virtua Cop series, Ghost Squad was always going to be fun. Quick, action packed and novel, it's has exactly all the qualities we come to expect from a on-rails shooter - in fact it takes me back to the days of Time Crisis on the PlayStation (a sequel to which has recently been released on the PS3). Of course it helps that you already have a wireless gun in the form of the Wii remote.

Since Ghost Squad is an arcade port, it is pretty short. But for this style of game that's not really a problem - it's just the ticket when you only have a few minutes to kill, or don't want to worry about progressing through a 50 hour game.

But you do get a bit of lasting value by virtue of the numerous unlockable weapons and costumes, and by design you're always trying to be quicker, better and more accurate so will always come back to it. Add to that some extra multiplayer modes (up to four players!) and you end up with a pretty good package, very much worth the sub fifteen quid price you can now get it for.

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