Monday, January 21

Stalkee Update

Just in case you thought that I was no longer a creepy despo, here's the latest on the girlie going-ons during my daily commute in to work.

But first, a bit of supplementary explanation. The main reason I've been a bit quiet recently is due to a change in route - since discovering how close Marble Arch actually is to my workplace (yes, after almost four years of working here), I've been using that exclusively to go home and part of the time to come in (like when I'm running late).

Not all commutes are equal, and its now obvious to me that the Victoria is prettier than the Central Line - so much so that I've returned back to the former even though it's slower and more hassle. I've also been delaying my commute into work by around 15 minutes, and so have a totally different crowd to travel in with too.

So anyway, all this means that I haven't seen Victoria or Chewie for an absolute age. Still, its not all bad news. Instead of them I've been blessed with three new characters to give me that much missed boost to my journey. In no particular order, they are:

  • Fundie - Although I've only seen her twice, Fundie is hijabi who joins me all the way from home to work. To be honest I wouldn't have paid too much attention if she hadn't had stepped on my foot (very painful for such a small person) to then give me a look as if it was my fault.
  • Stuckup - Does exactly what is said on her tin: Beware, no entry, danger! 10,000 volts, etc. But she is hot (and obviously knows it), and so probably has a right to glare at loser guys like me.
  • Jailbait - Not literally (of course) but in the age gap/Charlie Wilson/Wikipedia sense. Perhaps she just has good genes or something though - its not like I look (or act) my age either anyway. And just in case you're wondering its the hair and dress rather than the youthful looks, okay?
So yes: change has clearly been very good for me in this case. But I do miss Victoria and Chewie too, especially since I expect my commute to totally change altogether in the next couple of weeks and won't see any of them when that happens. But more on that in a later post.