Sunday, January 6

Film: Lust, Caution Click for more info

Ang Lee manages to surprise his audience again by bringing something different and, at last, actually not that bad.

Set in 1940s Shanghai and Hong Kong, Lust, Caution mainly tells us the story about Wong Chia Chi, a student activist chosen to assist in a political assassination by going deep under the covers with the target. It really isn't much more than that, yet manages to keep the viewer entertained for most of the two and a half hour running time anyway.

Well acted, shot and scripted, it wasn't as difficult to watch as it could have been so credit has to be given to the producers for making the film as accessible as it was. There was a gratuitous amount of sex and nudity though, most of which may be irrelevant and off putting for some. It's worth getting past it if you are though. And although the film didn't feel as long as it actually was, there was a few threads that cold have been cut off.

A good spot of drama, and recommended to those of you with too much free time on your hands.