Friday, January 25

Filtering Garbage

I previously told you how I had retroactively labelled all my posts for your, my dear readers, benefit. But how useful is this really? Those of you who subscribe via a feed can't filter on or off things, and those of you who read via the web probably won't be bothered to click through to a label each time you visit.

Anyway, it seems that you can subscribe to a single label if you so wish. The general format to use is the following:

So for example, if you subscribe to the following:

You'll get separate notifications for my posts on Islam, relationships, opinions and who I currently have the hots for. Great, huh?

So although you'll now be able to avoid the guff that you don't want to read (like, yeh right) I think that this also means that you'll get two notifications for a post labelled twice. Still, you can't have everything eh?