Sunday, January 6

Food: Goley Restaurant Click for more info

Quite possibly the worst restaurant I've been to for a long, long time. I'm not quite sure what it was though - I mean the food was pretty good (although I was struggling to believe that it was authentic Somalian), the place was clean and the staff polite. But the whole thing just didn't quite manage to put it together on the day.

I guess first impressions were bad when we were told that almost half the menu wasn't available to order. Still, I settled for the twice-baked goat's cheese (that didn't seem to have been baked once let alone twice) and the Cajun Chicken. Both starters and mains were very generous (I think we could have gotten away with ordering half as much as we did), but on the bright side that made the £12 quid per head charge, including drinks (a very nice fruit cocktail), pretty good value.

So pretty bad then but not without charm? It's no place I'll be rushing back to any time soon and there's no way I can recommend it, but since I've alive to tell you about it and am remembering the pretty good time we had there anyway it can't have been that bad I suppose.