Monday, January 14

Game: Assassin's Creed (360) Click for more info

How can any game that allows you to play as an assassin be bad? Well during development no one could imagine that AssCreed would get the disappointing reviews it did. Although not completely slammed, most publications accused it of being a pretty yet shallow experience, full of flimsy and pointless game mechanics. After playing it for a bit on the PS3 I kind of agreed.

But after having the chance to play it with a bit more care and attention, I think I've changed my opinion. AssCreed is actually pretty good. It looks good and plays well, the missions aren't actually that repetitive (although I suppose if you play it to complete every little sidequest it could feel like that) and the story is engaging. Is as much of a MGS replacement as you can get really. Oh, and it has Kristen Bell in it. I like how you can take as much time as you want - I'm just interested in the story so am pretty much ignoring any bits I don't have to and the game accommodates this.

There are flaws - the otherwise perfect controls sometimes get "stuck" (although even then they're a whole lot better than that of others), the voice acting is a bit too low key for my taste (I wish subtitles were available) and the stealth bits get a bit dreary at times. But these are all flaws I've bringing up to somehow relate and justify the reviews it got - I'm enjoying the experience and that's all that matters really.

So I do think that reviews were a bit unfair, and possibly victim to expecting way too much or falling for the hype. Taken as what it is, there's no doubt that AssCreed isn't a bad game at all. You get to play a frikin assassin after all!