Thursday, January 31

Last Chances

Since today was to be the my last commute using the particular combination of Central and Victoria lines I had been using for the past four years, I thought it would be a good idea to go back to my traditional timing in order to catch one last glimpse of my stalkees. I mean, hey, this would be my last chance to actually say something after all...

So there I was, changing lines at Oxford Circus as I normally would. To be honest I had written off the idea of seeing Victoria by this point; I've not seen her for ages so I figured that she had either changed her job/commute or was really going out of her way to avoid me.

But, after at what seems to be at least a couple of months, I did see Chewie on that same spot I usually do on the Southbound Victoria line platform this morning. She seemed preoccupied; almost as if she had been waiting for someone. Surprisingly she even made eye-contact with me, something I don't recall ever happening before. It was only a moment and so in all likely accidental; the optimist in me did take her following hand-brushing of hair personally though.

The packed train came and we both got on. This was unusual behaviour for me, someone who usually waited for a later, emptier train - but hey this was a special occasion after all. We weren't particularly placed close on the carriage but I saw the back of her head enough to know she wasn't ever looking my way during those two stops to Victoria.

Exiting the station, the adrenaline suddenly begun to flow. This was it: the last time I'd see Chewie and I just had to do something, anything, right? Plucking up the courage and ignoring that oh so deafening voice telling me to bail while I still could, I called out a firm (yet in hindsight a bit too loud) "hey!".

She turned and put on that puzzled, innocent look some girls must practise in the mirror to get so right. It's all a blur now, but I think what I said went something like this:

Hey! Um okay the thing is that this is my last commute and you know how it is when you see the same people every day well I probably won't now anyway I know this kinda thing probably freaks people out but since you probably won't see me ever again it shouldn't be too weird anyway it was a pleasure starting my day with such a pretty face each morning when I did. Cheers.

At which point I turned and walked away. A bit too quickly perhaps. I'm not quite sure what her reaction was but I didn't have any police chasing after me so it can't have been that traumatic. I feel that I've done my bit and now the rest lies with destiny and stuff...


Nothing past her brushing her hair actually happened, of course. The train did come and she got on, but I didn't. The train had both literally and metaphorically left the platform.

Still, I was never going to actually say anything and I'm thankful that I caught her one final time, looking better than ever. And what I suggested above about destiny might not be as desperate as it sounds - I've met fellow commuters elsewhere before and who knows? It could totally happen this time too.

But till that time, goodbye Victoria and Chewie. It was a blast even though you probably didn't even know it


  1. Anonymous01:08

    Awww damn it, I got really excited there for a minute that a stalker had actually spoken and made contact with his stalkee! I have to admit, I myself have looked out for the odd recurring commuter but would never have envisaged actually speaking to them (just drooling from afar). You very nearly gave me hope!!!

  2. Anonymous04:48

    Bloody Hell Shak! for a second there i thought, Oh my life he has changed!! he finally found his nuts! :|:| oh well destiny be it then... lol