Thursday, January 24

Game: Earth Defence Force 2017 (360) Click for more info

This game is rubbish. The presentation is lousy, the graphics appalling and the sound terrible. And yet EDF 2017 is so much fun to play you somehow end up forgiving all of that.

You play a foot soldier bloke, viewed from over his shoulder. Before each level starts, you're asked to pick two weapons, most of which have unlimited ammo. Each level asks you to clear the field/city of any bad guy alien invaders, and you get to collect new weapons, selectable at the start of the next level.

And that's all there is really. Reading back, it doesn't sound too convincing and I'm struggling to think what else I can say to express what makes this game so fun. Perhaps it's that there are so many bad guys to kill? Perhaps its the wide range of different weapons, some homing, some slow but powerful and some not so good? Perhaps it's just how simple the whole thing is, in a world where you have to normally sit with an instruction manual in order to play the game it belongs to? Perhaps it's just that you get to kill giant invader ants?

Whatever the reason, EDF just goes to show that looks really aren't everything.