Thursday, January 24

Game: Forza Motorsport 2 (360) Click for more info

You know, I was planning on selling this pack-in game that came with my 360. I was never interested in it before and I didn't see myself playing it much, me not being that big on racing games. To be honest, nothing much has changed really am I'm still not, least of all because of this.

But I will keep the game. Why? Because its a good example of what Xbox Live is all about. Almost everyone I know has it (a requirement for online multiplayer), and setting up races is easy enough so it's fun for that reason alone. There are problems, the most major being that you cannot let a guest play alongside you on Live via split screen - this is disappointing in an age where the PGRs and Halos take this for granted.

The game itself is okay too - it steers (hah) toward simulation rather than arcade style racing but not enough to make it hell boring (I'm looking at you Gran Turismo!). You don't have to spend days tuning up your car in order to get an edge for instance.

But I won't be playing Forza other than online. After all, it is just another racing game. But when I do play it (online) it is pretty darned ace. Vrooom.

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