Friday, November 30

Film: The Nines Click for more info

Mind-spinning tale of the Donnie Darko ilk. No bad thing if you like, uh, having your head spun, but even if you don't The Nines goes farther than others in letting the viewer know exactly what is going on at all times (kinda).

But even if you do lose track of the plot, there's plenty more regular qualities that stand out here. The trio that make up the main cast are all excellent, and manage to handle their respective triple parts with ease. I finally found myself actually liking Ryan Reynolds while Melissa McCarthy and Hope Davis back him up superbly.

The script is nothing short of fantastic, engaging and real and the three chapter structure of the film allowed the makers to present three distinct styles; this is a film that is rarely boring if at all. Personally I found the conclusion to be a bit of a cop out, so it was lucky that the film had ridden on much more before the end anyway.

Since it requires a bit of effort to watch and enjoy, this will not be to the taste of everyone. Having said that, I thought it was an excellent film, and so for that reason I recommend it wholeheartedly.