Friday, November 23

Game: Super Mario Galaxy Click for more info

A whole painful week later, and I have the game my Wii was bought for. Even though I didn't know it at the time. Put simply, this is just the sublime Mario 64 updated for the Wii.

Okay, having only done the first star (notice how they're NOT shines any more) this praise may all be premature. But there's something here that I've not seen since M64 and that was completely missing from Super Mario Sunshine (barring within the void levels maybe) so I'm confident I'm right.

The fact that you can run around a globe, sometimes upside down, without even thinking about the controls says a lot. The clean graphics and level design (you're only ever going for a single star at a time, and you know which one it is, too) just add to the experience. I'm ignoring the inevitable addition of motion controls since using the pointer to collect star bits just seems so natural to do.

I just want to go home and collect more stars. Unlike other games where I, sometimes forcibly, pace myself, I just want to keep playing this till exhaustion. I'll say it again: a whole year after I bought the machine to play it on, this is the reason why I did. It's that good.