Tuesday, November 6

Pub Quiz

My workplace organised a pub quiz tonight. It was my first go at one and I didn't know quite what to expect; I mean in theory a pub quiz should be fun, but then I had this niggling suspicion that some may take it a bit too seriously (like me for example).

My fears were unfounded though, and it was all taken with a light heart by all. The format of the quiz was fun and varied and my team was quite balanced. Amongst other things, for my part I managed to contribute the following:

  • Remember that the DK in DKNY stood for Donna Karen.
  • Recognise Bon Jovi's Living on a Prayer as it was played backwards.
  • Recognise the theme to The Flying Doctors.
  • Recognise a picture of Ali Bongo.
The last two absolutely exclusively I hasten to add.

The result of our efforts? Joint third place. Not bad for a team who weren't there to win (honestly).