Monday, November 19

All Tagged Up

I've always wanted to tag (or label) the posts I've written here, and once Google eventually gave Blogger users the facility to do so, I took on the arduous task of back-labelling three years' worth of content. It's taken me almost eleven months to complete, but I'm happy to say that it's finally done. Yes, it was a manual process so it may not be as accurate as I'd like, but I hope to be continually fine tuning the labelling over time.

Apart from making it easier for you guys to filter Radio Shak based on what you want to read or search on, being completely labelled up has also indicated a few interesting trends and statistics regarding what I post about and how. The following is based on a published post count of 1453, while the post counts are totals rather than taking into account more than one coexisting label.

First up: it's my great pleasure to shatter the myth that this place mainly about relationships in general or me complaining about being single. At the time of writing, just 117 posts (8%) are about relationships and marriage. In comparison, I've written 183 (13%) articles on Islam, which remains the single topic I post the most about. Who knew eh? I was also interested to see that 206/14% of my posts have had something to do with the Indian Sub-continent.

Genre-wise, it was always obvious that a large number of posts make up reviews (412/28%) be they of films (171/12%), music (90/6%), tv (109/8%), videogames (71/5%), books (41/3%), restaurants (41/3%), theatre (4/0%) or talks (26/2%). Alas my favourite genre, the opinion or theory posts, lags way behind at 190/8%, and for those of you who can't stand my longer posts, 406/30% are classified as short.

I've recommended links (72/5%), videos (30/2%), and television shows (109/8%) a total of 137/9% times, and seem to have been on more activities (107/7%) than social events (90/6%). I also write more about friends (42/3%) than family (25/2%), but only just.

Quite embarrassingly, I've spoken about girls (be it on The Tube or media) 127/9% times, within which 34/2% have been virtually perved upon having been made a choice. Cripes. Perhaps compiling these statistics weren't such a good idea after all...

Anyway, click away. Oh, and please feel free to suggest any other labels or corrections you think may be useful.