Sunday, November 25

Film: Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal Click for more info

When Southall Football club are told that they need to raise THREE MILLION POUNDS in order to save their Football ground from those horrible property development people, their only solution is to finally step up their game and win whatever Sunday league they happen to be playing in.

The poor man's Chakde! India then? Totally. Heavily cliched and at times even racist (expect copious amounts of "these gorey lorg" repressing "apne wala") this film never quite makes it past the crap point. The acting is awful, the direction bizarre and production just rubbish - amongst other gems, Muslims now own and run Glassy Junction (which apparently has a full dancing stage and floor within it!).

But for some reason I didn't quite think I was totally regretful when I left the cinema tonight. It wasn't quite "so bad it was good", but instead there was some genuine charm in Goal. Whether it was the hammy dialogue (just watch Bipasha Basu come on to John Abraham) or blatant or obvious feel good factor I'm not sure, but the fact that we were giggling our way through and left the cinema smiling says a lot.

Out of principle I can't quite bring myself to recommend Goal, but if you do accidentally end up buying a ticket for this flick, well you may find yourself not minding much by the end of it.