Saturday, November 10

Film: Om Shanti Om Click for more info

As the film itself asks, how the heck can we expect an audience in this day and age to get engrossed in a film about reincarnation? Perhaps I'm being culturally insensitive/close minded, but I always suspected that it would have been a tough job to pull this off.

But if you ignore the absurd plot and inevitable holes it leaves behind, you do end up with something that's relatively entertaining. Direction was good and the film was vibrant and easy on the eye. Acting was also above the usual fare, although any hope of Shahrukh Khan not regressing to his usual lip-quivering self was dashed after the first fifteen minutes.

Other good bits include a music number with over thirty Bollywood stars in it (even more impressive and poignant than the equivalent from Heyy Babyy) and plenty of throwbacks to seventies' Bollywood during the first half.

But for me, the main reason to watch this film was the jaw droppingly gorgeous Deepika Padukone and her perfect blend of being totally hot (yaar) and girl-next-door. She really was that stunning and I bet you can guess what I'll be posting next.

For the girls: apparently SRK's been working out and even takes his top off for a song - fortunately due to a cinema glitch I wasn't subject to this (much to the chagrin of my aunt and certain other female members of the audience this evening).

But even all these good bits (including Deepika) weren't enough to save this film from post interval traumatic stress and the film literally loses the plot for the second half. This is a shame, but since there really was nothing wrong with the filmi fun of the first hour or so perhaps leaving after the break is the best way to watch Om Shanti Om?

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