Sunday, November 25

Food: Deep Click for more info

Fine and fancy fish restaurant situated in Imperial Wharf, Chelsea. The first thing that struck me was how bit quiet it was for a Saturday night, there being only five parties while we were there. But then we come to a restaurant for its food, not clientèle.

And although the food wasn't super amazing, it was good enough to enjoy a dinner conversation over. We managed to sample the oysters, prawns, tuna, halibut, trout and sole between us and none of us had any complaints. The service and atmosphere were top notch and we were well looked after overall. There was never any pressure to leave even though we had spent over two hours there (although it wasn't as if there was a queue outside either).

Drinks were relatively reasonable, and after a 50% discount we got away with paying a smidge over the all important twenty per head. For that price we had no regrets for coming here, but equally there's really not much to bring us back.