Monday, December 3

A Weekend of Ice, Turnips and Food

Sometimes you just have wonderful weekends. The first one in December was such a weekend for me. Here's a quick recap, just so it's recorded somewhere. From the top then?

Saturday morning hosted our first private Presenting class. It was great to see colleagues from October's Presenting class at CityLit, although I'm not sure we got as much done as we should have done.

After lunch I joined some local friends for Ice Skating at Canary Wharf. Super expensive but worth every penny, I managed to get through the session without falling over for once (well, until we all deliberately decided to do ourselves in).

We then went for dinner which was okay considering it was at Maedah Grill which isn't as great as I had suggested with my initial impressions. Still the crowd made it fun anyway, especially with a vicious game of Mallet's Mallet/word association where the penalty for losing was a sip of some quite horrible turnip juice. This was suffixed by a stint at Halalianos, complete with the inevitable faux-philosophical debate.

Sunday morning consisted of the usual long run followed by teaching at ICSS. Lunch was provided by a certain debtor of mine who's been providing me with Sunday afternoon nourishment for the past month while my parents have been away. This week it consisted of a healthy chicken burger meal with pound pizzas on the side.

My lunch buddies then joined me for a bit of a Family Guy marathon at mine - six episodes in all - before I joined my brother for dinner (have you spotted the pattern yet? I think I've only eaten at home five times in the past month). Multiplayer Wii ended my evening on a high, although the whole weekend was interspersed with some wonderful Mario Galaxy playing at home.

Sometimes it's the simple things that are the best. It's a real shame that I was too busy to do any housekeeping eh?

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  1. Too busy to do the housekeeping? Get a maid...