Tuesday, December 11

Critical Reading and Discussions

I was invited by a mate to join him in a small gathering of clever types who've recently begun to get together to talk about clever things. The topics themselves did not have to be necessarily rooted in Islam, but since we were all Muslims (be design) the direction of the debate/discussion/discourse was to be run in that direction. That was the idea behind the meetings anyway.

Tonight we talked about Syed Hussein Alatas, a Malaysian politician and social scientist and in particular his notion of a captive mind. The talk digressed a bit, but the main themes were covered in detail by the chair of the evening.

Due to it being run by a bunch of clever types, most of what was said went over my head. I like to think that this was just a problem with language and pace rather than my ability to understand though, so I wasn't discouraged. On the contrary it was pretty fun and I can see it becoming very interesting as I get used to it.

Anyway, it's hoped that this will be a regular weekly thing, so expect future posts covering the topics, uh, covered in them.