Tuesday, December 4

One Hundred Thousand Accidental Clicks

Just like I had hoped for back in July, Radio Shak managed to break the 100k hit count (since I begun recording) sometime last week.

Nothing more to mention other than it being a pretty big milestone for me and something I'm quite proud of. Admittedly It's cutting it close to the end of 2007, especially since it's looking like I won't break 2006's hit count.

Now that the labelling is complete I hope to bring a few more changes, the least of which will be a brand new template. All that is secondary to content of course, and although I managed the three-posts-a-week thing up until Eid, I know I've fallen into slacking again since then.

Perhaps this was just what I needed to get my writing butt back in gear... That, and a lot more free time. Wink wink and all that.

1 comment:

  1. hey, have you heard of the brass crescent awards?? i must say given your popularity, i was surprised to see no nominations for radio shak...:(

    but hey congrats anyway..a milestone!