Sunday, December 23

Strictly Hating, And Reasonably So Click for more info

Well at least the two hottest female (Matt who?) dancers made it to the Strictly Come Dancing final - personally I was split between them myself, but I guess I would have always been happiest with fellow birthday celebrator Alisha winning. Flavia was pretty awesome too though (and extra credit goes to that concave stomach of hers). Dance class for the new year perhaps?

The real reason of this post, however, is to hate a tiny bit on Matt Di Angelo and recent reports of him being in a bit of a love triangle with both Alisha and Flavia. Good grief, what a bastard, etc.


  1. Don't think I cared who won but I did still want Gethin in the running as much as I liked Matt Di Angelo. Favourite dance has to be the one Alisha did to 'Memory'

    [And Flavia's and Vincent's Argentine Tango]

  2. Flavia looks like she's had one face lift too many. A bit plastice. Rather like Nancy Dell'Olio. Wheras Alesha on the other hand is one SUPER babe! And what legs!!!!