Sunday, December 9

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The trouble I had with Bee Movie was just how surreal the whole thing was. I mean, here you have Barry the bee, already tired of the monotony of a working life he's not yet started, striking up a relationship with Vanessa the florist while suing the Human race for custody over the honey they had allegedly stolen from our insect friends.

Crazy stuff, no? I found that suspending my disbelief was harder than it should have been during this film, although when I did manage to I actually did enjoy some parts. You have the usual hilarity and action that CGI animations have been made for, the moral issue and inevitable feel good factor when it's been resolved, and finally we even get some weird-ass romance (although that last one may be close to illegal in some territories).

But as good as this film gets, there's no escaping just how strange the whole set up was. This filters down through the plot and characters to the very fibre of the film, and so makes for some mildly awkward viewing. It may just be a result of the makers simply running out of ideas, but if so they need to fire up their creativity without going nuts in the process.

Reluctantly recommended, as long as you go in with an open mind.

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  1. how does one manage so many movies in just one month?!

    Should I go and watch Koya Koya Chand...?