Friday, December 14

One to Watch: The X-Factor Final Click for more info

The X-Factor Final, 19:15 Saturday 15th December, ITV

The X-Factor Final Results, 21:35 Saturday 15th December, ITV

Love it or hate it, it's that time again. Whether you've spent the last however many months following the hopefuls on their journey to destiny, or have cheated (like me) and only jumped on the bandwagon toward the end, there's no denying the drama and suspense a reality show of this type brings.

Clearly it's now the battle of the vote as image continually wins over talent and after last week's dumping of my favourite, Niki, I'm in a slightly more objective position to judge the result; my head says Rhydian, but my heart says the super-cute Same Difference and if there's any justice in this world Leon had better come third.

I still won't call in to vote of course.

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