Wednesday, February 16

This Is About Trust

'Nuff said. Yes, I know this is (hopefully) rare. But still it does demonstrate how you can't take these things at face value and how careful you have to be to avoid becoming caught up in the heat of the moment. As they say, one man's penis is another woman's ability to cook.

Edit: Even my mum took the mick. Jebus.


  1. o. M. g! poor guy..or too naive and trusting? i mean, can you really trust anyone you meet online ?

  2. s/he must be pretty messed up to think he'd still be interested after lying to the poor sap for so long...

    i feel a bit sorry for the geezer - how could he have known?! there's no need to get too wary i'm sure shak ;)

  3. ahem, you live in east london don't you?