Saturday, February 12

Game: Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

Donkey Konga was a great game (but not mine, which is why you wouldn't have seen a review here for it), but had one big flaw - you couldn't really play it in one player. It was both a competitive and cooperative game and so you really need company while having a go.

Enter Jungle Beat. Where other territories have received new tracks and playlists to extend the life of their drums, we in the UK have skipped that and gone straight to the platformer. Now some may think (I did anyway) that playing a platformer with a set of drums was just a shoe-in asking for trouble; but it really isn't.

Nintendo haven't let us down and have delivered a platformer which can be perfectly controlled by the unusual controller. Level and character design aid in this cause, at the cost of not really being able to play with a controller (but we don't care about those in that position anyway).

The only problem is that, at the moment, the game looks to be very short lived. We sat down for around 20 minutes yesterday, and unless there's a lot more unlocking to do it seems that we're about half way through. Although there's scope for coming back to it (highscores and the like), it would be a tremendous disappointment if this wasn't at least as long as the DK Country games.