Thursday, February 17

Hard (Prayer) Times

It's that peculiar (and tough) time of the year where prayer times start shifting like numerous rugs being pulled from under your feet. So far I've only been caught out by Maghrib a few times, and it's quite disturbing that I can be so forgetful I don't even realise that the sun has set before I hit the Tube home.

On the other end of the day, Fajr is now too early to read after I wake up normally for the day, and so I'll be having a disturbed sleep every day till Autumn (for example today I read Fajr at 5:40 am, and then woke up for the day at 7. Yawn). Still, at least I know I won't miss any of those.

It always surprises me how late (and early) prayer times get in the respective seasons, even though it happens each year.