Monday, February 14

The Inevitably Cynical "I Hate Valentine's" Post

A stupid day wasted on the typical SKs and VPs wasting their PAYG credits by sending stupid text messages between each other all day ("I love you jaan.frm VP xxx"). Of course their folks don't know but it's ok cos SK is buff (he uses gel in his hair, y'see) and drives generic blacked out car #284. Little does VP know (well actually she does, but she's in denial 'cos "he treats her so well, and loves me for me, y'know?") but SK's mum wants him to go back home and in fact has Pindoo lined up for him when they go back this Summer. Poor bugger "don't have a choice, innit". It's ok though 'cos when the poop hits the fan VP will get over it, or at least that's what she'll tell the poor shmuck who she's on the rebound with. Feel for this guy, people; Shmuck is smart, funny, treats VP right and with the most respect and even gets on with VP's mum. But of course since he's not SK he's doomed to fail. Meanwhile SK is cheating on Pindoo with some white girl, but hey, at least he's happy (although the odd "how ru" text from VP is becoming slightly annoying).

Yeh, I'm rambling. And please don't comment on how this is basic jealousy and self pity with a sprinkling of male insecurity. I know this. But still, there's a point in there somewhere, right?