Sunday, February 20

Feelin' Alive

It's been one of those rare weekends where I've spent more time out of the house than in. I've not even had time to blog (any dated from Saturday would have been retrospectively added after this entry), which sucks 'cos I feel I'm gonna forget to say something.

I've done a number of things this weekend; some were chores, some were social and some were philanthropic. Busy as I say I was, everything ran like clockwork and at times it even seemed that I had more than 48 hours available. I even found time to catch up with my week's shows. It's quite strange.

It was also pretty fulfilling and I feel like this weekend asserted that I am, in fact, alive. If any one else has had that feeling before they'll know great it is looking back and not being able to find a single latent moment that they had wasted doing something trivial or non-constructive. Which makes me wonder (and I only mention this because it's come up previously a few times with some of you), do I really need someone else to be complete[1]?

So now it's 9:30pm and I'm gonna treat myself to today's episodes of Joey and 24 and then get a nice and early night. Man, am I gonna sleep well tonight.

[1] Come now. You can't have an insightful blog without some reference to my single status, can you?