Sunday, February 20

Feelin' Sociable

Tonight someone from my (now ex) Arabic class threw a little dinner party for eleven at his Mayfair flat. This is a single guy, so I was well impressed when he set out the plates let alone cooked for that many, although I'm sure his sister who also attended helped a bit. The food was nice anyhow and since the host is Muslim I didn't have to take care about where to pray or what I wanted to eat or drink. What was interesting was that, unlike other Muslim hosted dinner parties that I might have been too, this one didn't force a particular (typically cultural) style down our throats. We even had jazz playing in the background (apologies if it wasn't, but you know what an uncultured yob I am).

It was especially great because even though the majority were from class (including the two teachers), we all came from a range of backgrounds, and I don't mean just ethnically or nationally. There were married couples as well as singletons and divorcees. There were teachers, dentists, homeopaths and consultants. The conversation flowed and everyone contributed. I never felt so grown up and mature.

Until Articulate! was put in front of us, that is. It's actually quite reassuring that a boardgame can reduce even the most adult to a child. It was another brilliant example of how it's ok for people to be just people. And my team so would've won if I hadn't had to leave.

Alas I had to miss a Khan Birthday(tm) party, which sucks 'cos they're usually fun. I'm sure they survived without me though.