Saturday, February 19

Feelin' Selfless

By request of a friend of mine (no namecheck I'm afraid, but I'm sure some here know who she is), I went down to East London Mosque in Whitechapel in order to sign up on to The Anthony Nolan Trust stem cell donor register.

It's one of those things that's very easy to talk oneself out of, but having said that it is a big deal and I reckon that The Trust would rather one didn't sign up than did only to back out later. The prospect of having someone drill into your pelvic bone and syringe out stem cells is, quite frankly, scary. My tactic? Just force yourself through it and ignore that niggling doubt in the back of your head. It really is a neat trick, that.

And just to be sure don't think I did this for purely selfless reasons. I like to think I've a few unique scout badges, but having saved someone's life is one that's eluded me so far. And heck, I even had quite a nice med student (from Imperial, no less) extract my blood for the register. She made a total pig's ear of my arm, but I didn't care. In fact, randomly bumping into her later on at King's Cross may have just convinced me to chase this up...

Anyway, I also promised her (the things I do for a pretty face, eh?) I'd raise awareness so here's me telling you ALL to go sign up too. Apparently donors from ethnic minority males are in short supply, so it's especially important for those of you who fit that description to do the same. You can read more here: