Sunday, February 20

Feelin' Helpful

As some of you are aware, my brother will imminently move out of the family home with his wife and kid. Of course it makes sense that they do it up before they move in, and so a lot of this weekend (Saturday morning and all of Sunday excluding a brief interlude to see off my parents) was spent painting and moving heavy furniture around his new digs.

What gets me is how my dad (and uncles etc) used to make this stuff look easy. There were lots of hands helping, and looking back we did achieve a lot in the time we had, but it was definitely hard work. What I'm missing, of course, is that it was hard work for my dad (and uncles etc) too and if they make it look easy now it's 'cos they've already been through what we are now experiencing. Which is fine even though it didn't make today any easier. Tsk.

Actually here's a thought. Back gardens and sheds aside (hey, I know my limits lads but there's no one, no one, who can assemble flat pack faster than me) why don't we ever have these kind of projects going on? Yes, you know who I'm talking to...