Friday, April 29

South America, Day Seven: Half Way Through

The morning was lazily spent in preparation for Jummah. It was also the day of the Royal Wedding, and although I felt a little bad for not having been in town for the big event, I secretly thanked the couple without whom my trip wouldn't have even been possible.

Before Jummah we decided to mop up the remainder of Buenos Aires. We met the South Africans for a quick ride on the A-Line train, a magnificently kept wooden transit system that would never survive the traffic you find in London. We got our jollies by taking it to Cafe Tortino, a famous icon in Buenos Aires amongst coffee lovers; which of course meant that I hadn't heard of it before. Still, the classy coffee shop was a lovely way to spend our last morning in town - all of our new friends were leaving at some point during that day.

The mosque in Buenos Aires was pretty impressive, considering. It was clean, big and well kept and just exuded peace. Which kind of made it even more disheartening that only three rows were filled. On the plus side, the kids from the adjoining school were cute.

The afternoon was relatively quiet and spent pottering around waiting for our flight to Iguazu. The travel itself was pretty uneventful until we got to our hotel. In a jungle. We knew we had made a mistake when we were asked whether we wanted a room on the upper or lower floor. The difference? Ants.

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