Monday, April 4

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Writing a review for Sucker Punch is going to be difficult for me. See, the thing is that I really, genuinely, honest-to-god enjoyed this film. And furthermore that not because of the reasons everyone seems to hate it. How am I supposed to even try to convince those reading this that I liked this film for reasons other than its looks? Yes, there's a lot of young girls prancing around in sexy and revealing clothes, but the genius is that it's not presented in an erotic or titillating way; it's almost like the makes of this film threw that in deliberately just to throw off the feminists and "serious" film reviewers. Well hey, that just means more for the rest of us.

So putting this bait aside, what's left to enjoy? Well firstly there's the action. Think Kill Bill meets the Matrix and you'll get an idea of what to expect. It's a little rough around the edges but it's oh-so-cool and alright yes, the fact that the fights are fought by five girls does add a little something.

What else? Well the story is pretty cool too. This is basically an escape movie where the characters have to jump through various hoops in order to gain their freedom. On the way you meet some badly treated yet girl-powered characters who you can't help but root for and bet on.

And finally there's the hook - this isn't actually a film at all but a film of films, a bunch of set pieces to be played out for the viewing pleasure of a captured audience. Once you create a film based on the imaginations of its characters then anything goes really.

Personally I thought the ending was a bit of a deliberate cheat and so I felt a tiny bit shortchanged when it was all over. But the funny thing was that I didn't seem to mind: the film had already totally won me over by then. Recommended.

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