Sunday, April 17

New Music

Pre-holiday special!

U Need A Hero (D-Boy Remix) - Sef ft Des-C

All the way from 2009 but still a pretty classic and fun track. One of those tracks where dual language works really well.

Freak Out - Luv Ka The End

Maybe I'm getting old but it seems every Bollywood flick coming out is of that damned coming of age genre. Which obviously means I'm going to dig it.

Lak Twenty Eight Kudi Da - Diljit Dosanjh ft Honey Singh

Yes, that's right, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. What a banging track.

Faltu OST - Faltu

Of course the obvious Char Baj Gaye (so fun!) and Le Ja Tu Mujhe (Atif, so yes), but Rab Sab Se Sona also caught my ear. Something about the spring in its step I think.

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  1. loving lak twenty eight kudi da too.