Sunday, April 3

Film: Source Code Click for more info

I think it's generally accepted by everyone that this film has a rubbish title. It's misleading, inappropriate and meaningless. Of course a film is more than just its title, but I just needed to get that off my chest.

Once you ignore the fact that this film doesn't actually make much logical sense, Source Code (urgh) is actually quite good. The beauty in the film lies in how it's not actually about the obvious themes of terrorism and murder - in fact it deals with that side of things in a simple and unobtrusive way leaving the real mind screwing depth for the wider story. Of course I can't quite go into that without spoiling it all, save to say that it is enjoyable, engaging and accessible.

The acting is on par (as is usual with Gyllenhaal), as is the rest of the production, leaving a film that's definitely more than the sum of its parts. That such a simple film can end up being full of depth is impressive and so for me Source Code is an easy film to recommend.

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