Saturday, April 30

South America, Day Eight: Puerto Iguazú

It's not a stretch to say that Iguazu was the whole point of my coming to this part of South America. It was the non-negotiable, the crown jewel of the trip. I will admit that after how pleasantly surprised I was of Buenos Aires my expectations of Iguazu had been reduced, but I was excited all the same.

The most surprising part for me was how accessible it all was. A cheap local bus is all it took to get to the national park where the falls were to be found, and once we arrived we went straight for the in-house tour operator to book the first truck and boat tour of the day. Due to the rain the day before, I found the truck down to the docks to be a convenience more than an attraction (since most of the jungle had been washed clean), but it wasn't bad and we did get to see a few animals.

The main attraction was of course the boat ride up the river to the foot of the falls; as you can probably imagine we got super wet, with the fundie inside of me unable to resist doing whudu in the crashing waters (and no, it didn't last that long). The rest of the day was spent walking on trails and walkways along both the foot and head of the falls, in the hunt for the perfect photo. The weather wasn't really on our side and most of the day was overcast, but even so the pictures are a much better way of describing what we saw than me trying to write about it ever will be.

With the falls out of the way, we headed into the town to grab dinner. Due to its size it was easy to navigate and food was plentiful. That said, once we had done Iguazu we really didn't have much need to hang around, and so we decided to leave for the border the first thing the next day.