Sunday, April 3

Game: Bulletstorm (PC) Click for more info

I'm obviously not an FPS-head. Maybe I'm just old, or perhaps I don't have that facility in my brain to place myself in the head on another being. Whatever the case, I find them tiring and passe.

But I do still play them - at least the ones that are good enough for me to get over my issues with the genre. Obvious examples are Valve's stuff - so L4D and Portal, but then I do have a soft spot for COD games too (perhaps because they're usually short).

Which brings us to Bulletstorm. I'm going to skip the marketing gabble and focus on what makes the gameplay different or even special; the hook as it were. And in Bulletstorm it's the ability to dispose of enemy in hundreds of unique ways, and then get rewarded for your creativity and skill.

So you can shoot them in the head, the leg or the bottom. You can kick them into environmental bad places (so spikes, cliffs and man eating plants etc). Once you obtain the leash, you can snag and throw them into the same places too. To be honest once I got over the initial thrill of... well, thinking, I found I preferred to just shoot behind cover anyway.

Still, the game is short and has a lot of charm in its characters, story and the world these things inhabit. So while I won't mark this as a game I'm happy to play even though it's an FPS, there is a lot to go for if you are a fan. Recommended.

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