Wednesday, April 6

Food: Wahaca Click for more info

Ah Mexican food: will I ever understand you? Probably not, but that doesn't matter. Whether it's spicy black bean or something with mushroom and cheese in it I don't think I've ever tasted something Mexican that I didn't like.

Wahaca is, I suppose, as classy as Mexican is ever going to get. Which is then ironic seeing how the place leverages the street food vibe in its menus and decor. Of course the food was anything but street and presented well; a genuine novelty is how Wahaca deliberately offers a bunch of "mini" meals as opposed to its main dishes - a kind of make your own set menu as it were. I went for two items off this list which turned out to be the perfect amount for a tummy filling lunch. A nice touch was the chilli seeds instead of matches given out at the exit (which I believe you can plant and keep in the place itself - the best loyalty card I've ever seen).

My tastada, quesadilla and orange juice came to under a tenner which I thought was a bargain.

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