Sunday, August 17

Kamran and Aneeqa

Although I like to think that I can relate to a wide range of people, this is usually on a limited and narrow basis and on things like religion, age, sense of humour, background, mindset or perviness. The fact is that those I can relate to on a wider range are few and far between, something that may have arisen from how extremely balanced (read: screwed up and contradictory) I like to think I am.

I've not known Kamran for that long. Despite that I found that we formed an immediate affinity with one another based on a variety of things (like religion, age, sense of humour, background, mindset or perviness) resulting in a friendship that felt older than it was. There is no less indication of this than going away on holiday together (albeit as part of a group of four) to Israel, hardly the least stressful of places but a brilliant and successful holiday nonetheless. Not bad for a Northerner, eh?

In a selfish way then Kamran's marriage to Aneeqa is encouraging to me since it means that someone with a similar character and make-up can find another who can understand them enough to marry them. Not that this is a one way relationship - although I've not spent a great deal of time with her it is clear that Aneeqa is a great woman in her own right and that Kamran is extremely lucky to have her. Their union is also an excellent example of how a clear and directed introduction between two people with the same intention can have such brilliant results; and if I say they made it all look so easy and textbook I'm in no way undermining the bond they clearly have between them.

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